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Health Seminar:冬季补肾 (In Chinese)
Date:11/08/2014 Saturday
Address:3350 Scott Blvd,Building 54,Santa Clara,CA 95054


Spine Care Health Class by Dr. Wu 

Do you use computer all the time?
Do you always feel shoulder pain, neck pain?
Would you like to learn how to reduce the pain through excercise?

Dr. Wu will teach you how to excercise properly in our next spine care health class.

Dr.Wu's Spine Care Health Class(Sunday)

10/19/2014 (Sunday) 14:00 pm ~ 16:00 pm (Exercise)
10/26/2014 (Sunday)14:00 pm ~ 16:00 pm (Sleep)

11/02/2014 (Sunday)14:00 pm ~ 16:00 pm (Diet)
11/09/2014 (
Sunday)14:00 pm ~ 16:00 pm (Stress Relief)

Address: 3350 Scott Blvd. Building 47,Santa Clara, CA 95054
For more information: (408) 480-2860


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